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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finally Finished!

Have you ever had one of those projects that seemed to take forever? 
Me too!  I wrote about my summer project and how I was having trouble finishing it.  All your encouraging comments helped me focus on getting it finished.

Yesterday, I pulled my kitchen table outside onto my deck.  I worked in pleasantly warm sunshine, filtered by my leafy grape vine.  I finally finished my project and this morning I listed it.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement.  It meant a lot to me.

Has anyone ever encouraged you when you were stuck?


  1. That is beautiful! I can tell it took a lot of time and love to create :)

  2. Oh! Look at that. It is spectacular! I love the colors and the intricacy, and the design definitely calls the ocean to mind. Wonderful.

  3. Very pretty! I love that you got creative with your work space too!

  4. Looks gorgeous, I love those colors:):) Wow, that outdoor studio space is enough to inspire me:)

  5. Thank you everyone! I wanted to show all of you what a great community you are :)

    Retro and Kala, I think moving outside helped me feel happy and stay focused. The kids usually eat snacks at that table, and they have asked us to leave it outside for a while.

  6. Hi Connie,

    your finished piece is amazing! I can see how much work and love went into it :)
    Aren't you lucky to be working outdoors!

  7. Beatiful necklace. So glad you finished it. Love the shades of blue. I find that sometimes when I'm "stuck" it is best to just walk away for a while and do something else.

  8. Beautiful, and intricate! I see how it could have taken a while to finish...
    I would love to see it in action (being worn by someone) on the Etsy listing.

    Your deck looks divine... Definitely motivating!

  9. Duni, thank you very much!

    Sher, thank you, and I think you are right - sometimes it is better to take a break.

    Weird Amiga, I think that's a good idea - this style is a little unusual. I will need to find a model :)


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