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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 I've been trying to write this post for about 8 months now.  This is a tough one.  The short version of the story is that we had a huge lay-off in my work place - almost 200 engineers lost their jobs over a period of a few days.  I did not lose my job, but I did go through a big emotional wobble.  I pretty much felt like the daffodil in the picture there.  I try to keep this blog really upbeat, so I did not have much to write about for a while.

Here's what I tried to write shortly after the layoff:

I've been debating with myself for a few weeks now on whether to write about this subject.  My workplace had a huge number of layoffs.  Fortunately, I still have a job.  I am very grateful for that; I am the breadwinner for my family.  Without my income and benefits package, we would be in very serious trouble. 

There are a lot of things that .  Many of my friends and long-time coworkers are suddenly gone.  Transitions are very important to help people adjust to major changes.  That's why we have retirement parties and celebrate marriages.  In a layoff, there is no transition.  I've worked as an engineer for 16 years in three different industries... 

I was having some trouble pulling my thoughts together in that last paragraph... I can't even remember now where I was going with that last sentence! :)

Work has been keeping me really busy.  I put my Etsy store and on-line indentity on hold for a while because I was just too tired in the evenings to keep up with it.  I am feeling better now.  Over the spring and summer I spent my free time doing very tangible things.  It is really cool that my family jumped in and made these group activities.
  • We planted a flower garden.
  • We started composting and vermicomposting.
  • We planted blueberries, a fig tree, strawberries, raspberries, a lemon tree and a bunch of tomatoes.
  • We joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and started buying our produce from a local farm.
  • We stopped buying cereal, crackers and snacks from the store.  Now we make most all our food at home.
  • We built a chicken coop.
  • We raised 4 chickens who are now just about to start laying.
  • We trained our chickens and dogs to get along.
What is interesting about this list is that these are all things that made me feel more in control of my life.  A layoff makes a person lose trust and feel threatened.  I needed to do things outside of work to restore my sense of independence from the company and connection to my family, even if it is just in small ways.

I will post some more details about what we have been up to this summer - especially about the chickens.  I did not expect it, but I have fallen completely in love with chickens.  I had no idea they could be so delightful!

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  1. I have been following your blog since I was googling (is that word now?) about why labradorite flashs and found your blog. I loved your writing style. I am glad you posted again and sorry you have had such a tough 8 months. I hope it gets better.


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