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Sunday, October 24, 2010

In the Mood for Halloween

Sometimes the stresses of everyday life can make difficult to be in the mood for the holidays. I have a demanding day job, and lately I have been having trouble getting into the spirit. I find that time spent with family can sometimes get me to relax and see the inspiration that is all around me.

My oldest son and I went for a walk and took pictures of some of the neighborhood in autumn. These pictures show two of his favorite discoveries. He liked the flower because it is his favorite color - scarlet. He liked the leaf because it looked rusted to him. We also had a good time playing "camera tag". I would try to take his picture and he would try to dodge.

Later in the week we carved pumpkins at my parents' place. They have a large garden and grow the pumpkins themselves. Spending a little downtime in the country and pumpkin carving really put me in the mood for Halloween. I'd like to share some that mood with you.

The pumpkins in the garden

and after they've been picked and cleaned:

Mums and turning leaves...

...the neighbors' giant pumpkins...

... giant mushrooms in the yard...

... and the main event! Pumpkin carving!

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