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Monday, August 15, 2011

Lost Dog Redeux

A few weeks ago, I posted about a stray dog we found in the road while we were going to the beach.  Once again, we find ourselves with a stray dog on our hands.

Yesterday we had guests over.  As we were visiting, I noticed a dog wandering around our front walkway.  I thought maybe he was one of the neighbor's dogs.  I went out to investigate, and found he was very friendly, relatively clean, and healthy.  The funny thing is, he looks very much like the dog we found on our way to the beach.  Kind of an odd coincidence, huh?

Dog from Beach Adventures....   Dog We Found Yesterday

No one was out looking for him, so brought him inside to keep him safe from traffic.  We sent the kids out to canvass the neighborhood, but he does not seem to belong to anyone.

We have two dogs of our own.  We had to do a little dog juggling until they all got used to each other.  The stray dog (the kids have started calling him Frosty) is a very friendly, mellow dog.  Our dogs were feeling a bit threatened to have a new dog in the house, though.  We had to get through the barking and eyeballing stage.  Eventually, they started playing together.

We will take the dog in to the vet today to see if he has a chip.  We really like him.  If we can't locate the owner, we may offer to adopt him.  But as sweet and trusting as he is, I am thinking he has an owner somewhere.


  1. Quick update: We found the dog's owner this morning. He is back home with his family.

  2. We find ourselves in the stray-dog-holding situation fairly often too. Glad you found his family! :-)

  3. So glad you found the owner--they must be so relieved and grateful to you for taking care of him. Thank you from a fellow animal lover!

  4. Thank you Janet and Stubborn Dog Artwork - we were happy to find his family too.

  5. You're so sweet to take him in :)
    But how sad he doesn't seem to have an owner!

  6. I'm glad you found his owner. I'm sure they love and miss him. I would go nuts if my dog was missing!

  7. And let me add....if my dog was ever missing, I would hope that someone like you found him!

  8. So glad you found his owner...what a relief for the dog and his owner. You are indeed so sweet to want to adopt him:):)

  9. Thanks Sher, what a great compliment!

    Edi, don't worry- we found his owner in the end.

    Kala, thank you! All of us in my family are dog people :)


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