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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tydying Up

I've been making a mess of my workspace.  It's in a good cause, but when I make snowflakes, I tend to get out lots of different kinds of beads.  I also have lots of left over beads from other projects that I've avoided (I stick them in a little tupperware container for later).  These left overs have been accumulating for months now :(

This last week I've started putting everything away.  It's a time consuming but satisfying process.  Sometimes I have so few left over beads of each color that it is not worth it to separate them out.  I've started collecting these beads into color mixes.  When I get enough of them, I will use them in a project.

Recently Duni posted about how she uses her leftover fabric to make these very cute scrunchies.  I got to thinking, I wonder what all our other crafty friends do with their leftovers?  What do you do with your extra fabric, yarn, beads, thread, paper or other supplies?


  1. Color bead mixes are an awesome idea! I will have to keep that in mind. I try to put away beads after I finish every project so they don't pile up everywhere.

    I usually save my little paper scraps for small details on cards or simply smaller projects like mini cards and bookmarks.

  2. Like You, I usually just save the mixes too, and sometimes they come handy in weird little projects, like making bead embroidered rings. To me that's the ultimate last ditch effort to use all sorts of leftover.

  3. I use my extra fabric for my felt bird's wings and button earrings!

  4. Cool! The color bead mixes look cute! I have a ton of leftover yarn from the kazillions of scarves I have made. I plan to use them all to make 1 scarf that has stripes from all different kinds of yarn!

  5. Great post and thanks for the mention, Connie :)
    I agree with Rose about your colour bead mixes. What a fab idea!

  6. One thing I do with the skinny strips of fabric left over from making my fat quarter bundles is use them as ribbons on tags I sent out with my packages. I love using up scraps. I also save small scraps in a big can and am using them to make a Chinese coin quilt.

  7. My craft room needs some TLC too!
    I use my paper scraps for cards and wood scraps for practice pieces.

  8. Great post!!Very interesting idea ;))

  9. Love the idea of the bead mixes! I might have to try that with some of my randoms. I've done scrunchies with fabric scraps, and I've used smaller pieces of leftover paper as backing to make faux mats around photos.

  10. Great post! Leftover beads make great accents for some of my projects. For example, I used left over beads to act as the "sugar" on my cookie ornaments. They also make great eyes, noses, and other decorations for my applique pieces.

    As for my fabric scraps, I usually use those for my applique pieces. NEVER throw away your scraps!

    1. You should see the mess in my house, in comparison your mess is not a mess at all. You are very talented, I am following you hoping to learn something. I have no talent whatsoever at handicraft. Happy New Year from Rome!


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