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Friday, September 23, 2011

Picasso Challenge

I've decided to participate in the Etsy Beadweavers Team October Challenge "Inspired by Picasso".  I started out by doing a Google search for Picasso images.  When I found one I liked, I threw that image into the search bar to find more like it (up to that time, I hadn't realized it was possible to search and image that way).  The painting I chose to inspire my beadwork piece is Dance of the Veils, from Picasso's African period.

 I like this painting because of the sense of motion Picasso was able to convey with geometric shapes.  I especially liked the curving triangles with the heavy black outlines and the cross-hatching.  I decided that this outlined, curved triangle was the shape I wanted to feature in my beadwork piece.

I made my first attempts during my recent camping trip.  After I came home, I continued to work on it.  It took me many tries to get the shape to look the way I wanted it to.

Attempt 1:  Not technically feasible

Attempt 2:  Too suggestive

Attempt 3:  Too Rounded

Attempt 4:  Too curly

Finally I managed to make some curving triangles that had just a little bit of curl (I like the 3-D curl, attempt 4 just had a bit too much curl).  I sewed my new triangles together into a bracelet.

Now I need to attach a clasp that won't detract from the bracelet.  I like the clean lines that the triangles make.  I don't want to attach the clasp to the tips of the triangles because I think that will obscure their pointiness (is that a word?).  I will probably attach the clasp to the long side of the two ending triangles.

So if you were going to do a Picasso-inspired project, which painting or period would you choose?  Or would you want to choose a different artist all together?


  1. Very cool! I love all the different colors together :)

  2. Stopping by from the aquariann's Autumn Blog Hop. :) This bead work looks fantastic. I like to be inspired by famous artists as well. :)

  3. Well done! Lovely work...probably a good choice of subject matter since there won't be a ton of entries based on the same work.

  4. Wow, really enjoyed your process Connie. And simply love all of the colors together in a bracelet:):)

  5. I really like what you have come up with! you might consider add a few more trianbles so that the work will overlap, and then sewing in a snap/button. That way all you see are the lovely triangle bits!

  6. That's amazing bracelet very original! Excellent job on responding to the theme! :D I shared this on our forum but I thought your readers might also be interested:

    While at the de Young I learned that much of Picasso's work is greatly influenced by African masks. He was specifically influenced by the Makonde tribe and Baga People. Also on display at the museum that day they had masks from the Makonde tribe and Baga people! It was excellent to bring it all full circle. I could definitely see how he was influenced by those masks. I suppose I should really blog about this and include pictures. I have quite a few pictures from that day and have yet to write my 1st blog.

  7. wow, the triangles seem to really float in air , how creative :), love that

  8. Wow! Your bracelet is beautiful!! It was really interesting to see your attempts and what you came up with. Very cool!

  9. Thank you for you wonderful complements, everyone! I love sharing with you guys :)

    Salla, I like your idea of using snaps. I got a simple little box clasp I will try, but if it doesn't work out, I will try snaps or possibly some kind of small hook and eye closure.

    Boho Dame,
    Thanks for the additional information about Picasso's African Period. I would love to learn more from your blog!

  10. Ah! You are so talented! Lovely creations yet again. I love seeing the new things you come up with.

    As for the A-Z, please steal it! I'm interested to see your response :)

  11. It turned out beautiful and look at those colors! That black around each one really makes those beautiful colors pop!

    I think you should win!!


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