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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Camping at Seaquest State Park

We're bug bitten, sun browned and dusty.  We've been camping for a week with several other families.  We stayed at Seaquest State Park in Washington.  Seaquest State Park is located near Mt. St. Helens at the edge of the Cascade Mountains at an elevation of about 500 ft.  The campground is a beautiful forested area, full of tall trees, ferns and mossy rocks.  

The kids loved having that play structure so close (we had around 8 to 10 kids with us as families came and went).  We had 3 campgrounds reserved for our group, so they had a large area to play in without disturbing other campers.

Across the road from the campground is Silver Lake, a nature trail and Mt. St. Helens Visitor Center.  We didn't even have to worry about road traffic because there is a pedestrian tunnel linking the campground to the visitor center.  The visitor center had some really good displays and a great movie.  We did not get to it until our last day, but I kind of wish we had gone there earlier in the trip.

I really enjoyed walking the nature trail, which ran about a mile along the shore of the lake and through a marshy, wetland area.  Here are some photos from the nature trail, which we walked several times.

We saw a huge frog, so big I would have to hold it in two hands.  There were also lots of big, blue dragonflies.  It took me a lot of tries to get a photo of one.  It would hover until I got my camera focused, then dart away when I took the shot.  Dragonflies are very impressive fliers!  There were also a lot of beautiful wildflowers.

We had a lot more adventures and a great day trip up to Johnston Ridge on Mt. St. Helens, but this post is getting pretty long.  I will write about Mt. St. Helens later this week.

Until then, enjoy your labor day!  We will be having a BBQ with our friends.  What will you be doing?


  1. What beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a great tim. Love the froggie. I know I would have loved the trails.

  2. Camping is one of my favourite activities! I love to see the sunrise from the tent! Looks like you're having great time!


  3. I am not a camping person, but looking at these photos I wish I was:):) Looks like it was a great trip.

  4. Such pretty scenery! These pictures make me want to head back to Colorado!

  5. Thanks Sher, Dita, Kala and Sue! We had a very good time.


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